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Dance Theater on HIV in India



Pulse is universal, what we all share and what gives us life. Pulse initiates movement, and holds music and musicians together. 

PULSE is a Delhi-based organisation dedicated to creating inspired collaborations in a multi-cultural context. Our ensemble, PULSE Ensemble, is an international collective of musicians at the heart of these projects. 

We believe in the power of the body, rooted in one culture, to tell powerful stories relevant across many cultures. Our musicians' instruments are extensions of their bodies. When we work between various mediums such as movement and projection, we are really working between different expressions of the body.

PULSE projects fall into two categories: performance and education outreach. Our performance work spans from experimental musical ensemble creations, to ensemble dance and theatre productions, to more intimate duo work between one musician and one dancer. We are dedicated to education and connecting to local communities through workshops for music educators, dancers, and children.


In Feb 2016, PULSE and DDT directors led a workshop tour in Northeast India connecting to professional artists and communities and since then continue to return for collaborations with different performance ensembles and workshops.



PULSE ensemble is an international collective of musicians who work in India and US. Yet our PULSE community extends to artists of many media, particularly dance and visual arts. Originating from throughout India, Iran, France, the Americas, and the Pacific all our talented artists have as diverse artistic backgrounds as they do cultural. 

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