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Dear International Women & Femmes -

In India HIV is a threat to the general population of women, trans people, and men. Sex and sexual status is still an enormous taboo in Indian society. This silence around sexual health as well as consent is one of the biggest challenges to continuing to eradicate HIV, lift the stigmas that marginalize Positive people, and increase the use of treatment and safe sex practices.

The following women who work EVERY DAY passionately and professionally to change this because that is just who they are. Today, International Women's Day we would like to throw the spotlight on these inspiring women who have helped us take on our current and most challenging project to date - I am + : Dance Theater on HIV in India.

To these and all of the other women and femme people out there we want to tell you today that we love you and celebrate you every day. Thank you for inspiring the world around you by being you and modeling a more loving, inclusive, and empowered world!

With love,


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